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    Force Pdf Gratis ITA Leggere Online Il segreto dell'inquisitore: Un'avventura della Sigma Force Libro di James Rollins Il segreto dell'inquisitore: Un'avventura Il segreto dell'inquisitore: Un'avventura della Sigma Force Online Ebook Il. [PDF] The Demon Crown By James Rollins - Free eBook Downloads. Read & download The Demon Crown By James Rollins for Free! PDF, ePub, Mobi. La nave fantasma: Un racconto della Sigma Force in esclusiva ebook (Italian Edition) eBook: James Rollins: Kindle Store.

    If the biblical plagues of Egypt truly happened—could they happen again—on a global scale? Two years after vanishing into the Sudanese desert, the leader of a British archeological expedition, Professor Harold McCabe, comes stumbling out of the sands, frantic and delirious, but he dies before he can tell his story. His strange remains are returned to London for further study, when alarming news arrives from Egypt. Fearing the worst, a colleague of the professor reaches out to a longtime friend: Painter Crowe, the director of Sigma Force. The call is urgent, for Professor McCabe had vanished into the desert while searching for proof of the ten plagues of Moses. As the pandemic grows, a disturbing question arises.

    The dog. I cared about the dog. Anyway, add in a deus ex machina AI and one of those most ridiculous endings ever view spoiler [ Seriously?? They basically hit a giant reset button and brought all the good guys back to life while all the bad guys stayed dead. Oh, and this is a total nitpick, but at one point, Jack boards a "Quantas flight" from Micronesia to Okinawa.

    But, you know, whatever. Look, at the end of the day, it's an action movie style read that's probably great if you're able to shut off your brain and just go with the flow. Just don't expect well developed characters or anything less than utter predictability. I love action, thriller, mystery, and sci-fi stories and this book has all of that and more! I was hooked from the time I started reading until the end.

    I love the creativity and imagination.

    James Rollins just became one of my favorite authors. In fact, I've decided to read all his books, starting from Sandstorm! Jul 28, Scott rated it really liked it. That is the best word I can think of to describe this book. There were times I was extremely bored and times I had adrenaline pumping. There were times my eyes rolled in annoyance and times I smiled along with characters.

    This was my first Rollins book and will definitely try another. Overall, an entertaining read. Jaka trojka. I personaggi mi sono davvero piaciuti, eccezion fatta per gli "antagonisti", quei brutti bastardi di Spangler e Nafe, davvero davvero odiosi.

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    James Rollins is one of those writers who is absolutely awesome for the first 3-to-4 books you read from him. Then, you realize that he is just like all those other writers that churn out novels as a ridiculous pace.

    Occasionally, they try to do things different and i James Rollins is one of those writers who is absolutely awesome for the first 3-to-4 books you read from him. Occasionally, they try to do things different and it can either succeed wildly or fail miserably. Deep Fathom is one where Rollins took a chance to do something different, and failed horribly.

    The good guys might have been likable enough, but the bad guy deserved a thin waxed mustache he could twirl, he was so over-the-top bad. While it might have read smoothly, it was almost impossible to care enough about any of the characters to root for them, and the action never even quite managed to reach happy summer-blockbuster level.

    It tried, it just fell a bit flat. Those are decent. I have almost finished but this is my first James Rollins book and I find he has a nice flow and his style is similar to my favorite Author, Michael Crichton. So I'm so happy to find this author via a GoodReads recommendation.

    I'll definitely give another one of his books a shot! Can anyone recommend another James Rollins book to me? Apr 30, Dr. Erster Satz: Dabei kam es mir gerade recht, das Blanvalet Im Dreieck des Drachen neu auflegte, noch dazu mit so einem tollen Cover. Anfangs fand ich das sehr verwirrend.

    Crucible by James Rollins

    So viele Charaktere und so viele verschiedene Sichtweisen, doch schnell stellte sich heraus, das diese drei Charaktere dem Leser ein umfassenden Bild von der Katastrophe die mit der Sonnenfinsternis einherging liefern sollte. Jack befindet sich mit seinem Tauchboot, der Nautilus, gerade auf einem Tauchgang um ein gesunkenes Schiff zu finden das mehrere Tonnen Gold an Bord gehabt haben soll als es unterging.

    Die Beschreibung der Unterwasserwelt und die Bedienung des Tauchbootes haben mich sofort faszinert und gefesselt. Da die Deep Fathom als Bergungsschiff eingetragen ist, wird sie zu der Absturzstelle der Air Force One gerufen um dabei zu helfen die beiden Blackboxes des Flugzeuges zu bergen.

    Nur ungern nimmt sich Jack dieser Aufgabe an. Jedoch bleibt ihm keine andere Wahl. Doch so einfach ist das nicht. Allerdings geht es nicht nur um die historischen Entdeckungen.

    Download or Read The Blood Gospel (Order of the Sanguines Series - frisinfenbe -

    David Spangler ist einer von Jacks ehemaligen Teammitgliedern und wohl der Mensch auf Herzen, der Jack am meisten hasst. Man bekommt diesen Krieg nur am Rande mit, aber es reicht um einen einen eiskalten Schauer zu verursachen.

    Eine sehr spannende Mischung die mich nichtmehr losgelassen hat. Die Seiten sind wie im Rausch an mir vorbei geflogen. Auch an eine kleine Liebesgeschichte hat der Autor wieder gedacht, die sich jedoch sehr dezent im Hintergrund entfaltet und die Geschichte an sich nicht beeinflusst. Wie gut er so etwas einbauen kann, hat mich schon in Sub Terra beeindruckt. Ich liebe die Charaktere. Ja selbst Gabriel, der KI hat es mir angetan.

    Obwohl das Buch doch viele mythische Aspekte hat, erscheinen diese durch die wissenschaftlichen Teile des Buches, vollkommen real und keineswegs an den Haaren herbegezogen. Allein das ist ein Erfolg auf ganzer Linie.

    Un peu grand-guignolesque Every now and then I get tired of waiting for a Sigma Force novel from Mr. Rollins and I check out his author page on site. I saw a new title released March 13, and immediately ordered it. I read it and found a wonderfully thrilling story. But when I went to write my review, I checked the copyright page and noticed this was originally released in At first, I thought site or Rollins was less-than-forthcoming in their notice which is true.

    What a pleasant surprise! The new one sounds post-apocalyptic. Is this due to the recent overwhelming success Hunger Games? A frightening close call that is both realistic, believable and scary. Top that Clive Cussler! Rollins mixes his many talents in this book: Science, exotic locations, ancient civilizations, politics, romance, and of course, despicable villains.

    He makes you think long and hard about the oft-ignored Vice Presidential agenda. Because this story cannot be sketched without spoilers, I will not walk you through who did what to whom and how often.

    It truly is a work of art in the plotting alone. No matter what side of the thriller aisle you cling to character motivation, fight scenes, tension building, romance, etc you will have plenty of passages to fawn over. In my case, I like to figure out the mystery or the how-they-gonna-escape-this twists and turns. This story has so many layers not twists that I was spell bound until the very end.

    The last fifty pages were unbelievably well done. Rollins, we want more! Last year, I saw Mr. During his monologue, he mentioned that reviewers had claimed his writing had reached a new level of greatness or something like that.

    While reading this book, I recalled his anecdote. Having read what I believe to be his third book, I can now report: Rollins is always excellent! The Pirate Ghost Formerly known as the Curmudgeon.

    I am having a hard time rating Deep Fathom. The story itself was exciting, action-packed, and fun, if rather over-the-top and full of deus ex machina devices. It sprawled from outer space to the very deepest parts of Earth's oceans, and it had juicy entanglements with ancient and vaguely mysterious places such as Nan Madol on the Micronesian island of Pohnpei, and the area dubbed the Dragon's Triangle the Bermuda Triangle of the Pacific.

    Since I adore all of those "mysteries" TV shows that go on about things like the Dragon's Triangle, mysterious lost civilizations, and crystals that have mysterious powers, of course this was a crazy story that I could abandon myself to. It was right up my alley! Unfortunately, I think the audio narration marred my enjoyment of this story.

    The narrator was ok for the most part, but he was not glorious at intoning the speech of the female characters. Karen Grace is supposed to be a really smart Ph.

    Because of the narrator I think , this pairing of Jack and Karen just didn't work for me. The narrator did a good job of projecting the fact that Jack had some miles on him, but he made Karen sound like a woman-child! Furthermore, every time Jack was supposed to have derisively uttered David Spangler's name, so help me, the narrator's way of doing this sounded for all the world like Jerry Seinfeld spitting out the name, "Newman! And speaking of Spangler, he was a cookie-cutter bad-guy to the extreme not the narrator's fault.

    I guess in the end I'd have to say that I didn't quite enjoy this book in audiobook format. I had more problems and quibbles with the story and the characters than I'd have liked to have had, but, that said, somehow this story did sweep me along! I did look forward to listening to it every day, I just often found myself wondering what the story could have been if it had been read by a different narrator. Due to the worldwide earthquakes, many impossibilities have surfaced There are many things happening around the world and all are connected.

    It is Jack Kirkland's duty to figure out the strange occurences and the seeming conspiracy of the plane crash. Jack is an ex navy SEAL who has been off the charts for ten years when his vessel is called back to duty. Air Force One has crashed and the President is presumed dead. Jack's ship is needed in the Pacific Islands for salvage duty. He fi Due to the worldwide earthquakes, many impossibilities have surfaced He finds very strange things under the sea including hieroglyphics.

    His fiercest enemy, David Spangler is in charge of the military's investigation and will do whatever it takes to have revenge on Jack for his sisters death.

    The animosity between these two really provides some great conflict and fabulous storyline intertwined with the disaster, the coverup and the recovery efforts. While exploring the Dragons, an island that surfaced due to the earthquakes, Karen and Miyuki are attacked and forced inside the pyramids.

    Strange hieroglyphics are discovered and after taking pictures they are forced to flee for their lives. Exhaustive internet searches connect them with Jack's ship and then the fun really begins. This one was wonderful and totally unrealistic but fun nonetheless. Sep 25, Riju Ganguly rated it liked it. There are certain themes that have now been literally done to death, but despite that, strong authorskeep on returning them, perhaps with the ambition that they would be able to re-invigorate the theme, and take all the cliches away.

    In this novel, at the centre of the story lies one such theme: I know that such techno-thrillers are to be enjoyed with considerable "suspension of disbelief", but even then, this novel was somewhat stretched. Sep 04, Benjamin Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Every so often you just need to get away from it all and read a no-holds-barred, action-oriented, good guy vs bad guy action story. This one fits the bill to a tee. I have read three other books by Rollins so far and to tell the truth I was starting to get a little worried.

    The plots seemed to be getting a bit thin or unrealistic and the characters a little cliched. But Deep Fathom was a pleasant switch even though it is one of his earlier novels. It kept me turning pages and I cared about the Every so often you just need to get away from it all and read a no-holds-barred, action-oriented, good guy vs bad guy action story.

    It kept me turning pages and I cared about the characters. The ending was a bit over the top perhaps and some may consider it to be a cop out by the author I can't really explain without a spoiler but my feeling is if you're reading this kind of action novel then you'll be in the right frame of mind for the ending anyway. And you will definitely be satisfied. Jun 14, Katya rated it it was ok. Not to mention, breaking a rib and then getting involved in a strenuous life-or-death battle without a peep about that rib Is that possible?

    Wouldn't your ability to move be somewhat compromised? Fortunately, that end sweetened the whole experience a little after the submarine seduction bit. Overall, a 2. My second ever audio book, and I've certainly chose well so far.

    An eclipse leads to natural disasters around the world, and brings into conflict a deep sea explorer looking for answers and his old advesary who works for the CIA and is under orders to hide the truth to aid his mentor's political ends. Throw into the mix a young professor on the trail of an extinct civilisation, and we have a recipe for intrigue, action and adventure. To be honest, I don't think story would have had quite the sam My second ever audio book, and I've certainly chose well so far.

    To be honest, I don't think story would have had quite the same effect on paper, it definitely suited an audio book. If I admit that I almost looked forward to driving to work so I could get my next fix, you know how much I enjoyed it! Dec 31, Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: In another screenplay type action adventure from John Rollins, our hero could have been named John McClane. With the feel of sitting in your movie theatre seat, and mumbling to yourself, "WTH, how did he get out of that alive?

    You know her and Jack's paths are going to cross. Quite okay for an early Rollins. Which makes it still quite horrible by most thriller-standards.

    Sadly, the book then hast still more than pages to go. Still, not as horrible as Sub Terra by far wich deserves about minus 2 points.

    But not nearly as good spell: Feb 11, Brendan rated it liked it Shelves: I feel that if I had read this book before all the others I would have liked it more because this was definitely not Rollins' best work. The story line was a bit choppy and unbelievable and some of the characters could have be developed a bit more. But don't get me wrong the story is still very entertaining and fast paced. I would still recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading "Indiana Jones" type books.

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