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us such a high standard of L5R boxed sets to compare ourselves against. . book will allow the GM to truly flesh out the Second City and bring it to life by. Index of /zetsu/l5r Enemies of the, Jun , M. [ ], Imperial Second City - The, Jun , 64M. Twenty-five years ago, Rokugan fought a terrible battle against an invading The Second City Boxed Set (PDF edition) is available now at the.

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L5r Second City Pdf

Legend of the Five Rings - (2nd Edition) - Game Master's . Legend of the Five Rings - The Atlas of, , MB. Jan 43M Legend of the Five Rings - Second City - Journa. 50 95M Legend of the Five Rings - The Atlas of Rokugan. Second City/Dec Bookmark Shadowlands/Dec Bookmark The Merchants Guide to M. Bookmark.

May your stay here be as interesting and profitable as you desire! I strongly recommend that you do not venture outside the city until you have had an opportunity to receive some rudimentary training with the Second City Guardsmen, however. Twenty-five years ago, Rokugan fought a terrible battle against an invading gaijin army known as the Destroyers. Although the noble samurai of the Emerald Empire were victorious, the conflict was devastating beyond all others, and the lands of the Great Clans were left in ruins by the fighting. To spare her people the threat of further war, war which would surely lead to the death of an Empire, the Divine Empress sued for peace with the forces of darkness, and then dispatched her vassals to claim the empty lands left behind in the wake of the Destroyers. There, influential samurai from the Empire have almost limitless potential, but the distractions from duty are numerous. A complete sourcebook on the Second City, and information on the Colonies beyond its border. Print This Post.

Kohiro nodded to himself, mouthing a prayer to Bishamon, and set his shoulder against the side of the Tooth. He filled his lungs with a great breath and heaved, straining with every ounce of the strength he had spent a lifetime building.

The muscles of his chest and arms corded and stood out like iron rods, and his vision turned red and then black, but still he strained against the great rock. His family, his clan, his Empire were all counting on him. No mere rock would ever stand in the way of his duty.

The massive boulder shifted, almost imperceptibly at first, then faster and faster. It toppled over the battlements, and Kohiro for a moment stood where it had been, gasping for breath as his heart labored in his chest. For a moment his eyes cleared, and he saw the Tooth plow into the cluster of gaijin below. They exploded in a massive gout of white-hot flames. Then his heart stuttered and gave out, and he sank to his knees, his vision fading.

[L5R] second city box set

The old Badger thought one last time of his family, and smiled. His children would be proud of him. The Way of the Minor Clans The five samurai roared a cheer, hurling defiance down the pass toward the gaijin invaders. Together, they moved to one of the enormous boulders set on the battlements, shoving it from its perch.

The massive stone rumbled and splintered down the pass, smashing the foreign men climbing the slope. Bodies burst into flames as they were crushed and battered aside by the mighty rock. By the time the boulder reached the bottom of the slope, the whole pass seemed to be aflame, burning with unnatural fire. The History of I once heard some Crab say they are the Wall.

Walls can be torn down. Its better to be the bedrock the wall is built on. The Way of the Minor Clans The Badger Clan has almost been extinguished twice, but has survived both times, showing the resilience of the mountains where its people live.

The Badger claim to be the second-oldest of the Minor Clans, but there have been many times during the history of the Empire when they would have been altogether forgotten if they had not continued sending in their annual taxes.

In fact, during the twelfth century they came close to losing their Minor Clan status entirely. Yet they also gained respect from the Great Clans in that era, and were able to rebuild their clan from disastrous near-destruction not once but twice.

Hantei saw that the mountain passes the Ki-Rin used to leave the Empire might also be a venue for foreign enemies to enter Rokugan, and decided someone should be tasked with defending them. Unfortunately, he died soon after, and it was not until the year , during the reign of his son Hantei Genji, that this duty was finally assigned.

In the interim, the remnants of the Ki-Rin Clan, who lived in the lands to the south of the mountain passes, were displaced by the Lion Clan and settled in the forest far to the south, becoming the first official Minor Clan, the Fox.

This left the lands around the mountains virtually deserted, since the Lion did not live in them and had no interest in them. Hantei Genji decided he should hold a tournament to determine who would gain the honor of protecting the northern passes into the Empire.

It was determined the contest would be one of strength rather than swordsmanship, since any warriors who were to live in the remote northern mountains would need to be strong and self-reliant. When the tournament commenced, the descendent of one of Shinjos original followers, Kitsune Mako, stepped forward to claim the duty he believed should have belonged to the Ki-Rin.

Mako was an enormously strong man and at first it seemed no one wished to challenge him. However, before Hantei Genji could declare Mako the undisputed victor of the tournament, a member of the Crab Clan stepped forward.

Hida Domogu was taller than Mako but also leaner, and many believed he did not expect to win and was merely trying to make a good showing for his clan. Nonetheless, the Emperor accepted the challenge and the two men faced one another bare-chested in the dueling ring.

Their struggle was violent and shocking, for the reign of Hantei Genji had already accustomed his court to more refined and civilized competitions, and while the Crab had undertaken the study of wrestling it would be centuries before sumai would become popular elsewhere in Rokugan. The Fox and the Crab remained locked in their struggle for a long time perhaps hours, to hear later accounts but finally Mako let out a cry and Domogu threw him from the ring.

Domogu was granted the duty of guarding the northern mountains, and the right to create a new Minor Clan for that purpose, the Badger Clan. He was given the family name Ichiro, which means first-born son. Modern historians dispute the reasons behind why the Badger were given this family name; some believe it is because the Badger were the first Minor Clan created from nothing by the Emperor, rather than merely the re-organized remnants of another clan.

Others believe they were called Ichiro because they were to be the first line of defense for the northern Empire.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

Whatever the case, Kitsune Mako became the first samurai to swear fealty to the Ichiro name. Domogu and his former lord, Hida, had a brief personal conference before he and his followers ventured north. No one is certain what the two men spoke about, but once Domogu and his followers arrived in the northern passes, they immediately began work on a series of fortresses to defend them. I decided to climb the northern mountains. Did you know that there are samurai defending those passes?

I think they called themselves Badger.

After the original followers of Ichiro Domogu built their mountain fortresses and the infrastructure to support them, they settled into their lands to wait. They discovered iron in the mountains and they found places to grow rice and vegetables, although in years of bad harvests they often needed to download additional food with the surplus from the mines. Still, as a whole they did not require the support of the Empire to do their duty. Tragically, this ignorance and lack of contact with the rest of the Empire would almost cause the Badgers extinction, as a people and as a clan.

The Rise of Hideo no Oni The early twelfth century was a time when the Badger actually sought to have some presence in the rest of the Empire, in part because they feared their duty was no longer accorded proper respect by the rest of Rokugan. There were Badger emissaries in some of the courts, and Badger daimyo did what they could to improve their relations with other clans.

However, this renewed involvement in the affairs of the Empire was not without cost; in the year the Badger Clan Champion, Ichiro Akitomo, was assassinated while attending the Topaz Championship in Crane lands.

The crime was never solved. Akitomos son, Ichiro Chuga, assumed leadership of the clan and attempted to continue his fathers policies of outreach, albeit with more caution.

In the year , the Badger Clan faced a sudden and terrible disaster brought about by none other than two of Chugas sons, Hideo and Koturi. Ichiro Hideo, the eldest, was handsome and strong, traits much admired by The First Minor Clan There is considerable dispute in Rokugan as to which Minor Clan can truly claim to be the first such clan to come into existence.

The Fox Clan claim to be the first on the simple grounds that they were the first Minor Clan to be officially named and recognized as such by the Emperor. The Mantis often claim they were the first on the basis of chronology, even though they were not officially granted Minor Clan status until the fifth century.

The Badger Clan, however, also has a claim to this title.

[l5r 4e] Secrets of the Empire - Legend of the Five Rings

Some historians have credited Hantei himself, rather than his son Genji, with holding the tournament to create the clan, and claim Domogu was given the name Ichiro to signify that the Badger were the first clan Hantei himself created. These tales also name the man who lost the tournament as Shinjo Mako, not Kitsune Mako, and claim the tournament took place soon after the year 46 when Shinjo left the Empire. It is up to the GM to decide which version of the Badger Clans history is the true one in your version of Rokugan.

The Way of the Minor Clans The Badger themselves did not particularly care whether or not they were known in the Empire, for as the centuries passed they increasingly made a virtue of self-reliance.

They also developed a particular dislike of the Empires reliance on magic. Shugenja were extremely rare within their bloodlines, and in the Badger mind the strength of a samurais own muscle was always preferable to borrowing the strength of the kami. His younger brother, Ichiro Koturi, was a small man with the ability to speak with the spirits, an exceedingly rare trait in the clan.

During their youth, Koturi saved Hideos life, but he never received the recognition he believed he deserved for having done so. As their careers progressed, Koturi was constantly disregarded in favor of his older and stronger brother.

Besides, most of the time the gorgeous production values and layout are always worth it.

Index of /zetsu/l5r

Both maps of the Second city are in full color, showing the massive scale of the city in question. The difference between the files is just that the for-printing version is cut up into 8 pages, while the other has the entire map in one big image.

The Pillow Book is a 20 page work of fiction meant to serve as an in-character guide to the Second City as written from the point of view of Ide Arahime, a Unicorn Clan author. The Author touches on all aspects of life, from the look and feel of the place, to the stranger customs, artwork, and architecture.

The campaign itself is fairly broad, starting from Rokugan proper and spinning off into a tour of the Second City setting itself.

The Campaign ends with a bestiary of the various monsters in the Second City setting, including the Destroyers and stranger creatures that can threaten even the most stalwart of samurai. This book is the one that provides the meat of the setting. Starting off from the History of the Second City as the Rokugani understand it.

The book also goes on to discuss the layout of the city, complete with sections of the map as presented in the PDF complete with the annotations I was looking for with regards to the important locations in the city. Each district is covered in great detail, with all the locations given a thorough treatment and notable NPCs scattered throughout.

The last chapter of the book goes into the smaller details, including the routes by which people travel to and from the colonies, and a discussion of the culture and mannerisms of the Second City and how they differ from Rokugan main. A mini-Emerald Empire supplement, if you will. With so much to be discovered and explored, this is new territory even for the political characters as they try to push the influence and control of the Second City for their clans.

The next chapter discusses the movers and shakers of the setting including Otomo Suikihime, the notorious Imperial Governor and the various ministers of the setting. Again these are a host of NPCs that can be used to populate any campaign, and help paint a vibrant and well populated location. Not to be forgotten, the minor clans and wave men of the setting also get their own chapter, discussing the opportunities and nature of their presence in this brave new frontier.

Fnially the last section discusses a smattering of new Paths for the Great Clans and Basic Schools for those native to the Ivory Kingdoms.

The Second City Boxed set is huge. While I have to admit that I was initially lukewarm to the idea of this sudden shift outside of the borders of the Empire, I do appreciate the advantages of changing the status quo in such a traditional society. The two fiction books are nice for flavor, and the journal makes for a great prop for the campaign.

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